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from Highway 2 take 32st exit and travel west.
Take first right, RR 280, and travel north. Follow the paved road through a S-bend and down a hill.
Take second driveway on right after coming down the hill. Alhambra Stables sign at entrance of driveway.

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Liability Waivers

Under 18 years of age

Over 18 years of age

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Canadian Eventing Entry Form

Eventing Entry Form

Stabling Forms

Canadian Eventing Stabling Form

Equine Canada Dressage Tests

Freestyle: First Level Freestyle Test

Second Level Freestyle Test

Walk-Trot: Test A

Test B

First Level: Test 2

Test 3

Second Level: Test 2

Test 3

Training: Test 2

Test 3

Canadian Eventing Dressage Tests

Entry Division: Test A

Entry Division: Test B

Preliminary Division: Test A

Pre-Training Division: Test A

Training Division: Test B

Equine Canada Medical Armband and Competitor Information

Equine Canada Medical Card and Competitor Information

Equine Canada Membership Information

Equine Canada Membership Information

Alberta Horse Trials Association Membership Information

Alberta Horse Trials Association Membership Information

Alberta Equestrian Association Membership Information

Alberta Equestrian Association Membership Information

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